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HQ-U Series

Ultra-thin all-front service fine pitch LED products

Ultra-light, Ultra-thin

The thinnest LED display in the industry with only 4.2cm thickness.

Die-casting Aluminum cabinet with only 7kg weight.

Seamless splicing can be realized.

Plug-in Connecting makes it simpler and tider.

Smart moulde

Adjusting data storage, Voltage detection, Temperature detection.

No need to change setting after modules replacement, and modules can be used in any position.

Fast and easy front maintenance design.

16:9 Golden Ratio

16:9 golden ratio, supporting pixel-to-pixel play like FHD/2K/4K .

NO distortion and blurring when videos play.

Surround Experience

Viewing Angle H°160°/ V°160°, High consistency, No colour cast, high-contrast.

indoor led display
Indoor Ultra-thin all-front service fine pitch LED products Specification

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